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Al Rei for BTV

Interview on Al Rei for BTV by the talented Dr Lulwa Budalamah. On Monday the 12th of March Anna Thackray was interviewed by Dr Lulwa Budalamah. For those non-Arabic speakers the transcript are as follows: Tell me about Anna? I [...]

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Akhbar Al Khaleej 2017

Akhbar Al Khaleej interview with A.L. Thackray March 2017. In spring 2017 a well-known Arabian Newspaper in Bahrain, Akhbar al Khaleej ran an article about Anna Thackray and Shamal Comics. To read more about Akhbar Al Khaleej and to [...]

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Fact header

Fact Bahrain March 2017 Issue

Fact Bahrain, Fact Abu Dhabi and Fact Qatar interview with A.L. Thackray March 2017. …Forget Marvel and DC, the GCC has its very own powerful comic book inspired by old superstitions from the region. FACT’s Shabana Adam meets Bahrain-based [...]

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Durrah Magazine


Interview with Durrah lifestyle Magazine Summer 2016 To read more about Durrah Magazine and to read their article on Anna Thackray please follow this link. Durrah Summer 2016 Or for your convenience a PDF of the interview: Durrah Summer 2016 [...]

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Interview by Bahrain this week.

The Charming creator of the “Chronicles of Shamal” series She has given Bahrain 8 best years of her life and creativity, its popular guidebook Streetsmart, and most importantly its first own Bahraini superhero, Shamal! Bahrain this Week went to [...]

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Anna Leanda Thackray Coeds InterviewBANNER

Co-eds Bahrain June 2016

Co-Eds Bahrain June 2016 When we met with Bahrain-based artist Anna Thackray for a chat, she was engrossed sketching the scenes for the fourth installment of her comicbook series “The Chronicles of Shamal”. Here is the online version of [...]

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Al Hayat Newspaper

Al Hayat newspaper reporting on A.L. Thackray’s new book, The Chronicles of Shamal. Find more info about Al Hayat by following this link: Al Hayat Newspaper

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Daily Tribune 22 April 2016

  The Chronicles of Shamal a comic book digest with a difference …Manama : Al Riwaq Art Space launched The Chronicles of Shamal, an imaginative and uniquely executed Bahraini-themed comic book yesterday during a media event at Al Riwaq’s [...]

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