the Artist

~ Dada
Art, because the artist says it’s art.


I am an artist before anything else and have always been interested in functional art. Art that seamlessly become a part of your daily life.

I studied Fine Art, not Comic/ Animation Art, so the toil that brought Shamal Comic books reflects the frustration and happiness I experience when I paint or sculpt.

I did this on my own, for 39 months sometimes working 12 hours a day, I did this because it is art!

What more functional and perfect medium is there but the power of telling a story with pictures… isn’t that what a painting or sculpture sets out to achieve anyway?

This comic book is unconventional; I purposely tried not to follow the current trends in comic book design. I wanted it to be made in isolation. Therefore most of the reference images are of my close family or me. For instance all the hands in the book are my own…

Anna with Chapter3 proofs

the Art

~ Art is the unceasing effort to compete with the beauty of flowers – and never succeeding.
Marc Chagall (1887–1985) Russian-French Artist

~ A.L. Thackray